Peace my friends

Dear American Friends:


As I sit here writing this blog, I ponder what has happened in your wonderful country.  The past many months have seen a lot of nastiness like I have never seen in your elections prior.  I am not normally so engrossed with the politics of your country.  As a Canadian citizen, our politics are messed up enough.  But this election is different than any previous election in that hatred, that had long simmered beneath the surface, has now welled up for all to see and feel.  It is evident with both the Republicans and the Democrats.  As an outsider looking in, I have been astounded at the vitriol and I wonder.  I wonder HOW can you all get past the hate speech and the ensuing violence and, perhaps, get along for the good of your country?  As a major player on the world stage, many countries and their citizens have, in the past, wished to be like you.  You were a shining example of how democracy could work.  For the people, by the people.  I have seen a level of political anger expressed on social media that is unprecedented.  And while I agree that it is your right to express yourselves, nowhere is it right to speak untruths (as I am positive have come from both sides) or to say things to others that are hurtful.  Words spoken or written cannot be taken back.  Once they are out there, they will always be there, even if only in the consciousness of your opponents.  I don’t know at this point who the victor may be, but my wish is that no matter who is the chosen one, somehow everyone can return to at least a modicum of civility again.  No society is perfect.  No person is perfect.  But by trying to consider our actions and our words, we can prevent irreparable damage to our relationship with our fellow neighbours, family and friends.  Brothers and sisters, please set aside your differences and make peace with each other!  For your own sakes, AND for the sake of the rest of us world citizens.  We need to focus our energies, both mental and physical, on combating the real enemies.  Enemies who would take away the freedoms that you, and by extension we, have come to expect.  Freedoms that have been hard fought for on your behalf 240 years ago.  Written down by men who had fought against colonialism.  Freedoms that set America apart from the rest of the world.  A shining example, for all to see, that set the bar high…and succeeded in creating a nation that all desire to emulate.  We now all need PEACE, my friends…PEACE.